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Update HCS/HMS students and the virus 12/18

Thursday 12/18/14

Hampstead Central School: 43 students absent: 15 out with the stomach bug (10 from yesterday, 5 new).  18 are out with other reasons. 10 are out as a precaution from parents-not showing symptoms.

Hampstead Middle School: 50 students absent: 27 out with the stomach bug. (16 from yesterday and 11 new). 23 are out for other reasons.

       The student enrollment includes approximately 465 students at HCS and 455 students at HMS

Updated advisory about students and the virus 12/17

We still have a few students that are experiencing the symptoms associated with the Norovirus.   

Today, we received an important change of information from the state of NH DHHS.  They revised their earlier recommendation to ask that children stay out of school for 48 hours after the illness symptoms are gone.   They previously advised 24 hours, but today changed this recommendation after our school nurse shared her concerns. 

Again, please take the full 48 hours.

We are all working to provide a safe and healthy environment for our students.   Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact either principal or school nurse.


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Principal: Maria Di Nola
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Principal: Maria Di Nola
Assistant Principal: Darryl Doiron

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